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  body treatments

Spray Tanning
Natural looking tan without the health risks of UV damage. New laser technology ensures even coverage without the risk of streaking. Helps cover vericose and spider veins. Applied using a special spray gun by a qualified technician. Let us help you glow!
Face and Neck $20.00
Full Legs(20 min) $30.00
Full Body Glow - includes exfoliation, moisturization and application(60 min) $ 70.00
Full Body - customer must come in fully exfoliated, waxed or shaved for application only.(30 min) $ 45.00

Aromatherapy Body Massage
(30 minutes Hydro-massage + 60 minutes Body Massage)
(90 min.) $135.00
Body Massage(60 min.) $90.00
Aromatherapy Hydro-Massage(30 min) $65.00
Luxury Foot Massage(45 Min.) $55.00
Back Neck,Shoulder Massage(45 min) $55.00

The aroma of essential oils promote emotional well-being, good health and inner beauty. The aromatherapy oils aid in relaxation while 250 water jets envelope your body and leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and re-energized. This is a perfect physical and pyschological treat for the body and the ideal antidote for fatigue of any kind.
Therapeutic benefits include:

  • Revitalizing whole body massage

  • Muscle relaxation

  • Skin toning, slimming and reshaping effects

  • Reduction of cellulitis, rheumatism and arthritis

  • Improvement in blood circulation

  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system

  • Restful sleep at night

Aromatherapy Hydro-Massage(30 min) $65.00
A complete relief for body and soul!

Decleor Body Wraps
Spa Pure(60 min.) $90.00
Slimming / Cellulite
Aromatheron - Detoxifying(60 min) $95.00
Affinoderm - Body Slimming(60 min) $95.00
Marinalgues - Target Anti-cellulite(60 min) $95.00
Sculptural - Bust Firming(60 min) $65.00
Sculptural - Full Body Firming(60 min) $120.00
Specialty Treatments
Perfect Legs - Vericose veins & heavy legs(45 min) $80.00
Signature Scalp Treatment - relieves headaches & vertigo(30 min) $35.00

phone: 604.588.2711
2600, Guildford Town Center, Surrey British Columbia